Hackstub is an associative hackerspace in Strasbourg that raises awareness of FLOSS (Free, Libre and Open Source Software) culture and computing among the local public, and conducts popular education work in a critical and emancipating perspective of technologies, through activities such as workshops, conferences, screenings, self-training, etc. The association has notably had two highlights in the organisation of Avenirs d'Internet(s) in 2016 and the Libre Software Meeting in 2018.

The hackerspace is currently in residence at La Semencerie at 42 rue du ban de la roche in Strasbourg and is open (almost) every Friday evening. Use the doorbell on the small door or knock loudly on the big one to make sure you're heard!
Access to the hackerspace and participation in the proposed activities are subject to the respect of a charter, addressed to both users and members of the association. Please read it before coming!

Hackstub runs popular education formats, trainings and permanences in the field of computer science, which you can find all the proposals on the page interventions.