We provide training on the following topics:


We can hold permanences, do assistance at home or support structures around different needs:


We have the technical skills to assist you in setting up events:

Further informations

All of the above activities are offered at a rate of 50€ per hour for non face-to-face teaching (preparation work, courses, etc.) as for the animation. We practice solidarity rates and offer free formats from time-to-time (within an associative or militant framework).

The non face-to-face pedagogical fee concerns the Hack ver Alli format and the training sessions, and occasionally the Dazzle, Network & Magic and the Escape Game Digital Accessibility workshops.
Its calculation is taken into account in the formats proposed above. To get an idea of the price of the training courses, count, in addition to the facilitation time, about half the duration in preparation time. Generally, a training cycle is planned with several sessions of 2 to 4 hours, depending on expectations, attention capacity, etc.
The permanences do not require any preparatory work such as courses, slides, etc.
Event-based services are subject to specific pricing according to the request (size of the infrastructure, creation or work of an artistic nature, etc.) and the preparation necessary for the smooth running of the service.

The fee does not include travel expenses (€0.25 per kilometre travelled) or, if necessary, accommodation and meals.

Depending on the nature of the services requested or in order to increase the number of participants, we sometimes ask for the help of one or more trustworthy people with whom we are used to working within our community (cyberfeminist collective Hacqueen, ISP association Alsace Réseau Neutre...).

We generally make sure that our workshops take place in a friendly environment and are disposed to welcome sensitive audiences.

For more information, to get in touch or to request a quote, you can write to us at bureau [at] hackstub [dot] netlib [dot] re, we will answer you as soon as possible.