Avenir(s) d'Internet

Poster for the event.

Avenir(s) d'Internet (Future(s) of Internet) is a series of conferences and workshops on digital privacy and self-hosting organised by Hackstub between 10 December 2015 and 4 March 2016. This event proposed a reflection, a critic and the beginning of a solution to the problems of the widespread surveillance practiced by governments and multinationals such as Google and Facebook.

Poster for the closing conference.

Opening conference at the André Malraux media library.

The opening conference held on December 10, 2015 at the André Malraux Media Library by Jérémie Zimmermann and Léo Henry borrowed from fictional narratives, known or produced for the occasion, and warned about the possible or already existing drifts of personal data accumulation practices.

Léo Henry and Jérémie Zimmermann.

Here, the Role-playing game workshop.

The series of workshops offered fifteen or so people the opportunity to learn the skills now needed to protect and empower themselves through activities aimed at breaking down the technical barrier, a source of great frustration for many people.

SD flashing workshop.

Kable salad workshop.

Yunohost workshop.

Closing conference, Ljf speaking for Yunohost.

Finally, a closing conference held on March 4, 2016 at Shadok invited various programmers and activists, at the origin of software or services operating in a decentralized manner and offering its users real autonomy, to present their project. Ljf for YunoHost and the Internet Brick; Edhelas for Movim; Karchnu for Alsace Réseau Neutre (ARN).

The Zanzibar collective wrote a series of novels available here.

Graphic design of the event's visuals and website, development: Nicolas Chesnais